Q: What does PPHA stand for?
A: Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association

Q: What has PPHA done for its hunters to date?
A1: Orange requirement was changed.
A2: #4 buck shot approved.
A3: Road kill furbearers now able to be picked up.
A4: Gun mounted lights made legal.
A5: Decoys allowed for use with all predators.
A6: Cable restraint made legal. PPHA vote was one of three votes needed to pass. The other two groups assisting in passing this were the Trappers Club and the Hound Men's Club.
A7: Coyote only: Exposed bait legal for hunting.
A8: Organized the first predator hunting Association in Pennsylvania.
A9: Held the 1st ever Pennsylvania Predator Hunting Expo
A10: Held the first official Pennsylvania Predator Calling Championship.

Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association

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