District Hunts 2015/02016

D-4 Buddy Hunt
1st - Nepahunter17 & Nepahunter37 22 total
2nd - MisterJake & Bowman66
12 total
1st place: Set of Bogpods
2nd place Bee's O'Brien mouth call

D-5 season opener
1-CRfurtaker 52pts
2-Bowman66 30pts
1st prize Carnivore scanning HeadLight from EWCALLS.
2nd place Bees O'Brien Game Calls Chameleon Series Coaxe.

2015 Christmas Bash
1st: Bowman66
2nd: CRfurtaker
The prizes for this hunt
1st place: $100 visa gift card
2nd place: $25 visa gift card

2016 PPHA Bobcat Hunt
$50 gift card and a free one year membership.

D-2 March Madness Coyote Hunt
Mike Zon (2) coyotes
$50 Gift card, donated back to PPHA
Puma Coyote Knife from Coyotejohn

D-5 Coyote/Turkey Hunt
No winner, prize donated to raffle at South Renovo Outdoor Show


This year the PPHA held a season long season species specific hunt. There was quite a bit of participation.

Winners by category:

  • Raccoon: (10)Inkeddal
    Headlight from NightEyes
    Bee's O'Brien Hand Call
  • Red Fox: (34) Inkeddal
    Headlight from NightEyes
    Bee's O'Brien Hand Call
  • Grey Fox: (15) Nepahunter37
    Headlight from NightEyes
    Bee's O'Brien Hand Call
  • Coyote: (10) CRFurtaker
    Headlight from NightEyes
    Bee's O'Brien Hand Call

Thank you to all the officers of the PPHA for putting this statewide hunt together for the members. We would also like to thanks our sponsors NightEyes and  Bee's O'Brien Game Calls, for their donation of hunt prizes.

Members get;

1yr free subscription to Predator Extreme.

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